Choose from a variety of options

Prices are based on servings for 15-20 people (these prices do not apply for smaller numbers of people). Half trays for 8-10 are available.

• All trays of food include chafers and Sterno (deposit required)

• Other items are available upon request

• Food may be prepared to taste and dietary requirements. Ingredients such as salt, pepper or garlic, etc. may be omitted

• Deposits are required upon ordering food and payment in full is due on delivery

• There is a $15.00 local delivery charge, $25.00 out of the area

• Linens, china, flatware, glassware, upgraded chafers, and other party rental items are available

• Service people are available

• We have Buffet Packages for 25+ guests which include delivery and paper goods

• This list and pricing are intended for drop-off or pick-up service to fit within your budget. However, should you wish to plan a full-scale party, we will customize the menu for you and can supply china, glassware, linens, staffing, and anything else you might need for your event